Aroni the Dragon Keeper.

Eventually, they arrived at an emerald green, stone entrance. Bottle Castle was the most colourful place they had ever seen, the walls were an entire spectrum of reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues and purples – an entire rainbow! They could see high above that there were the most beautiful stained glass windows of every colour imaginable, they dazzled in the sunlight like blankets of jewels held upright. The top of the castle was completely out of sight, disappearing into fluffy, white huge clouds that danced and pranced like floaty sea foam.

Freddy puffed a little, annoyed as Aroni had already told him it would be very impolite to fly overhead and land in the castle and risk damaging something important. So they went in and saw the king and queen in the blue, long hall. The king’s name was Gree and the queen’s name was Blee. They said “Welcome to Bottle Castle!”, Aroni stayed silent. Gree said, “Follow me…”. they first went into the strong, colourful dining hall, it was so beautiful, it had cameras on tall peaks, a giant table, and a huge door. Just then, there were people Aroni had never seen before, then Gree said “They are our children, Purp, Bot, Wee and Larv!”. “Really,” Aroni said slowly, “Yes,” said Gree. “Daddy!”, Purp said quickly, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa,” said Purp. Out of the blue, a gravitational mega shotgun shot a ball that sucked Freddy into a vortex spinning him around! Just then, the vortex stopped and exploded, Freddy, hit a long, big wall that was as hard as a blue whale. Then Gree whispered to Aroni “Those walls are very strong so no cannons stand a chance of destroying Bottle castle.”. Afterwards, Aroni replied, ” Who is that guy coming in?”.

A small man wearing a shiny red coat, trousers and black, strong boots that could not be destroyed by radiation or explosions, he busted through the back door to Bottle Castle, appearing in front of them wielding a banana rifle that blasted giant, radioactive bananas. He waved his rifle slowly and exclaimed. “I am Death! That important golden, pretty statue is mine! Mwuhahaha!” his gold-yellow eyes searched the long, blue hall and spotted the King, Queen and Aroni on the other side. He aimed his radioactive-banana-shooting banana rifle at them. Aroni whistled Freddy to come and in a very peculiar dragon language ordered Freddy to stop death.

Aroni saw him with a giant mortar when Aroni was a kid. Aroni said, “Hmm…, maybe he is going to destroy the important stuff”. But Death stole the important golden, pretty statue (The most important thing). Then the alarm went on and the explosive radioactive machine gun with infinity ammo had turned on, it was shooting so fast but he survived. But Freddy went flying to Death and breathing a giant, blue laser beam like Godzilla’s atomic breath. Then Death died by Freddy using his giant blue laser beam. After that, Aroni got the golden statue and Aroni and Freddy lived in Bottle castle. The end.

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