The Magic Necklace

by Harvey Connor

Once there was a family that lived by the sea. They lived in Scarborough also lived in a row of four terraced houses. There houses were on the beach facing the sea. The family was a family of four who each lived in their own separate house, the house on the far left belonged to Harvey and the one on the middle left was Ree’s (Harvey’s Dad), the one in the far right was Penelope’s and the one in the middle right was Lucy’s (Harvey’s Mum) house. At 8pm, Harvey and Penelope went fishing so the family could have dinner. Unfortunately, Penelope was squishing the fish that Ree and Lucy was angry because she was squishing the fish. Next day, Harvey was fishing alone, when he was finished, he founded his sister’s necklace that she was wearing in the sand but he accidently dropped Penelope’s necklace in the sea and he said ” I need to get that magic necklace or she will get told off ” so he tried to get it but it just went away. Then he used his plane to get to the magic unicorn because the magic unicorn can see the whole world.

At 2am he talked to the unicorn and said ” Unicorn, have you seen my sister’s necklace anywhere?” and the Unicorn replied ” yes I have, it is in the deadly sea of megalodon sharks. ”

To be continued…

“Really” said Harvey and the unicorn replied “yes it is there”. Harvey replied thoughtfully ” can you please come with me?” and the unicorn said “yes”. Then the magic unicorn and Harvey went together to find the magic necklace. Later, the unicorn and Harvey made it to the deadly sea of megalodon sharks. Them two were going to the megalodon king to capture the magic necklace. The megalodon king was angry so he tried to eat Harvey and the unicorn but he got the unicorn, something bad happened. The megalodon shark exploded because of the unicorn’s power! Then Harvey got his sister’s magic necklace and they went back home, he gave the magic necklace to his sister before his mother and father woke up. They both checked his sister if she has got it and she did. His mother said “you must look after it because it is magical” and Penelope replied ” I didn’t get my magic necklace, my brother got it just in time” so Harvey’s mother replied to his sister and himself, she said “What good children you two are, we can have pie for dinner, waffles for breakfast and fish and chips for lunch!” Harvey’s sister replied ” I love fish and chips” so Harvey replied ” mother and father, just let us two eat fish and chips for breakfast please because my sister loves fish and chips”. So Harvey and his sister had fish and chips for breakfast and they lived happily ever after. The end.

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