‘Head, heart and hands’ –

Exploring Waldorf education, through ‘head, heart and hands’. Taking on this concept, I’ve been gradually introducing Harvey to various crafts including woodwork, wet felting and weaving. I recently purchased the peg loom as an easy introduction to knitting (my goal at the moment is the make items that will fit alongside small world play well for the smaller children).

.’Grass’ made on the Peg Loom

The connection between a child and their own plaything they have made is something quite indescribable, I encourage Harvey (and all the children) to be resourceful and use items we have lying around the home for their work, recycling objects too ( encouraging less waste to protect the environment). An example of this is the identification ‘sticks’ that were left from us repotting our houseplants – we used these for some really fancy firework pictures!

‘Fireworks’ made with Identification Sticks.

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