James & The Giant Peach: Ree vs The Cloud men

We read Chapter 27 today (16th November), I thought this was a wonderful chapter which featured the cloudmen and left some opportunities for some lovely writing/ art work! As our focus is practising using conjunctions. connectives and fronted adverbials I thought Harvey could write his own story involving the cloudmen.

Harvey’s story;

Up in the clouds, the cloud men were creating a thunderstorm of hail. Ree was watching the cloud men and cursing them for the horrible weather. Everyone in the town was miserable, they wanted the sunshine back but the cloud men just laughed and threw more and more hail down on the people below. Suddenly, Ree had an idea! The idea was to build a gun turret and a laser cannon. The cloud men was watching Ree so the cloud men made a cloud cannon. Then the cloud man used his thunderstorm of hail to destroy Ree’s laser cannon. He got so angry that he shouted very loud, then the cloud men fallen down and down that killed the cloud men.

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